3D back walls in the aquarium

Undoubtedly the inhabitants are the stars of an aquarium. A 3 D back wall gives it the right frame and spices it up. It is available in different versions and the installation is easy to make.

Why are 3D backgrounds an advantage?

Juwel Aquarium Rückwand
Empty aquarium with Juwel 3D backgrounds

In contrast to an aquarium back wall with a photo film, the 3D version is located inside the tank. With it, different design possibilities can be created. With little effort an illusion of a natural environment and optical depth is created.

Not only the visual appearance of the aquarium, but also the animals benefit from a 3D back wall. Due to the overhangs and cave-like bulges they find a place of retreat. Besides, they can gnaw on the algae that settle on the rough surfaces of the natural materials. Last but not least, unsightly techniques such as pumps, pipes or hoses can often be concealed.

Back walls from Back to Nature

Back to Nature aquarium backgrounds come from Sweden and are still handmade today. The first 3-dimensional version called Amazonas 200 x 60 cm was already shown at the Interzoo in 1994. The production of the backgrounds scores through quality in design and workmanship. They are available in the most diverse motifs:

  • Rocks
  • Stones
  • Roots
  • Bark
  • Wooden structure
  • Plant Landscapes

The elements do not show a smooth and one-sided surface, but have a natural looking, relief-like structure. They are commercially available under the following names:

  • Red
  • White
  • Alpine lime
  • Grey gneiss
  • Basalt gneiss

All models fit together and can be attractively combined.

The assembly of a finished 3D back wall from Back to Nature is not complicated. It is simply adapted to the rear glass surface, cut to the appropriate size and glued with aquarium silicone. In the case of a large aquarium, the side panels can also be included. It is important that in the end all cracks and gaps on the back wall are meticulously sealed and the wall is completely closed. Otherwise animals can get behind the back wall through the openings and lock themselves in.

When planning a 3D wall, please keep in mind that it needs some space and thus reduces the aquarium space. In the case of a small tank, the solution could lie outside the tank. In this case, a wooden box is mounted on the rear wall, in which natural elements such as stones, roots, wood and others are stored. Another advantage of such a construction is the easy cleaning of proliferating algae and other deposits.

Building the back wall yourself

With a bit of craftsmanship, you can also build a 3D back wall for the aquarium yourself. A successful construction is harmonious and varied, just like a finished model. In order to make the aquatic inhabitants feel comfortable, this construction should also be based on their natural habitat.

The same natural materials can be used as for the finished model. It is important that these do not release any harmful substances into the water or negatively influence the PH value, for example through lime. Likewise, the natural rock must not contain copper. Substances from the aquarium trade are recommended:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Slate
  • Wood

Depending on the size of the back wall, the construction is to be assembled by two or more individual parts. It is also possible to produce structures from a uniform material and connect them to the back wall. The individual parts can be made of polystyrene or construction foam, coated with cement and sealed with acrylic. The whole thing is fastened with aquarium silicone. The fixtures must be dry when fixing so that no pollutants can get into the water.

The use of a 3 D back wall is an enrichment for every aquarium. If it is of high quality, the materials and colours last for a long time and are absolutely free of harmful substances. They are harmless to animals and can be used without hesitation in both fresh and salt water tanks.


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