Black tiger shrimp


Schwarze Tigergarnelen
DirkBlankenhaus, Caridina-cf-cantonensis-black-tiger, CC BY-SA 3.0

The whole body of this shrimp species is black and the result of a very complex breeding. The black tiger shrimp is the result of the reproduction of shrimp with strongly pronounced tiger stripes. In some cases it is also possible that black tiger shrimp have some coloured body parts. Through this, the original tiger pattern becomes clear.

This shrimp species is not only characterized by its black body colour but also by its different eye colours. There are black tiger shrimp that have black eyes or can show an orange eye coloration. This shrimp species can reach a body height of up to 3 cm. As a rule, the females are larger than the males.


In order to be able to keep the black tiger prawns in a species-appropriate way, it is important to provide for sufficient plants in the aquarium. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the animals feel comfortable in their environment. The plants give the shrimp the opportunity to hide.

Plants also provide the shrimp with a large food supply. In order to keep the black tiger shrimp in the right place, it must be possible to guarantee a water temperature between 22° and 25°. The pH value must be between 6.5 and 7.8. The total hardness must be 6 – 18 °dgH. When stocking the aquarium with black tiger shrimp, at least five animals should be kept together. Depending on the tank size, several animals can of course be used at the same time.


The black tiger shrimp can be fed with special shrimp food. It must be ensured that this food contains a high vegetable content. In nature, this shrimp species feeds on growth, plant remains and microorganisms. In order to be able to feed the black tiger prawns in a manner appropriate to their species, leaves and algae can also be fed as a food supplement. An aquarium for black tiger prawns must be equipped with a lot of mulm, as these animals increasingly search for food in the mulm. Boiled or scalded vegetables can be useful as food in small quantities.


In order for a successful breeding of the black tiger shrimp to be successful, a trunk of shrimp must be integrated into a species tank, which may have a small number of transparent spots or a flat black trunk. As a breeder, it is possible to have a direct influence on the desired breeding goal. If the complete crew consists of flat coloured animals, normal tiger shrimp can be crossed in so that the distinctive trunk is permanently preserved.

To be able to breed this shrimp species with light eyes, it makes sense to keep dark blue and flat black tiger shrimp together. This crossbreeding results in animals with light eyes, which can be selected as required. The parent animals do not represent a danger for young animals and larvae. The filter in a breeding tank must be secured so that the offspring cannot be sucked in. If the tank has not been equipped with enough mulm, the young animals need additional food.


The black tiger shrimp are very peaceful animals, which do not pose any danger to other aquarium inhabitants. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that other animals do not pose a danger. A socialization with other shrimp species is possible without any problems. Peaceful fish that feed on plants and do not attack the shrimp can be integrated into a common habitat.

Snails are useful animals that promote the production of mulm, which is very useful for shrimp. When socializing, the owner must ensure that all aquarium inhabitants feel comfortable in one tank under the same conditions. The same requirements for living conditions have absolute priority.