Bloody Mary Shrimp

The Bloody Mary shrimp is very popular with many aquarists. Its namesake is a cocktail containing vodka and tomato juice. So it is clear why this shrimp species has been given its name. In the following guide, this shrimp is presented in more detail and, among other things, it is explained how it should be kept, what it eats and how it reproduces.


The Bloody Mary shrimp are coloured in a deep red, which can vary in intensity. Many aquarists wonder about the colour stability of these animals. It is sometimes reported that in some cases the offspring are not as intensely coloured as the parent animals. With time the colouring often becomes even stronger, so that simply a little patience is required. The shrimp can grow up to three centimetres long.


Like most shrimps of the genus Neocaridina, the Bloody Mary is very peaceful and prefers to live in large groups. Since it gets along very well with various other aquarium inhabitants, it is also very suitable for community tanks. This point will be discussed in more detail later on. It is even possible to keep it with other shrimp, but this could lead to the offspring being differently coloured. The animals are not very demanding when it comes to the water values in an aquarium. As they are very adaptable, they feel comfortable in a wide variety of environments.

Basically, however, beautiful and variedly furnished tanks are always welcome. Because in them they find various surfaces which they can graze on. The plants are also a welcome hiding place. This is very important especially for young animals.


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Bloody Mary shrimps are omnivores like many other shrimp species and therefore good recyclers. Therefore they are not at all choosy about their food and can use a wide variety of food sources. Nevertheless, they should be fed as varied a diet as possible. This includes feeding them a special and suitable protein food twice a week. Otherwise, they mainly eat vegetable food and normal shrimp food.


Bloody Marys multiply very quickly. But only when they like the pool. The females carry between 20 and 40 eggs under their abdomen for about three to four weeks. Then the already completely developed young animals hatch. If you want to keep your shrimp stock pure in colour, you have to separate different coloured specimens and sell them to a pet shop, for example. By the way, the young shrimp are best fed with a dust-free food at the beginning, which gives them a good start.


The animals are very peaceful and can therefore also live in a community tank without any problems. However, the other tank inhabitants should also treat them with care and not be belligerent. The Bloody Mary shrimp are very well suited for example with Guppies, Platys, Mollys small crabs, snails and even shells. It is only important that other inhabitants are just as large or if then only minimally larger and above all peaceful.