Bronze corydoras

A well equipped aquarium should always include some catfish. Because they not only look interesting, but also take over important tasks in the tank. The armoured bronze corydoras constantly searches the bottom for suitable food remains and thus contributes to cleaning the tank.

What distinguishes the Bronze corydoras?

The Corydoras aeneus is a member of the family Callichthidae. This family is characterized by the fact that all members have bone armour. In many cases this can already be recognized by the name of the animals.

The appearance of the armoured Bronze corydoras

© Daniel Nimmervoll

Metal armored catfish have a distinctive body shape. Even if the above mentioned plates are not visible to the naked eye, the animals look quite robust. On closer inspection the big eyes and also the quite high back are directly noticeable. The coloration of the Metal Corydoras is a little bit more unspectacular than in some other catfishes of this family, like for example the so-called Panda Corydoras. But exactly this slightly metallic shimmer, which can sometimes turn out yellowish or greenish, inspires many aquarists.

In addition to the bone plates just mentioned, the animals also have a second passive defence system. These are spines on the pectoral fins. These should always be considered if a bronze corydoras  is to be transported in a plastic bag or in a bucket. It is best not to have any other fish in these containers, as they could be accidentally injured by the spines.

Those who look at the Bronze corydoras will surely notice its barbels. It uses these to search the tank again and again for potential food. Therefore a suitable substrate should be brought in during the setup.

Housing conditions

  • gravel that is not too sharp
  • densely planted pools are ideal
  • socialize only with other peaceful fish
  • some peat and CO2 in the water to create the most realistic conditions possible

Gender differences

Male and female armoured metal catfish are very difficult to distinguish from each other. The latter are somewhat larger and also more corpulent.

Water values for the armoured bronze corydoras

  • Water temperature between 24 and 30 °C
  • pH value between 6 and 7,5

Food and nutrition for the armoured bronze corydoras

Even if it is said over and over again that the bronze corydoras  is a remainder-eater, who glides through the water like a kind of vacuum cleaner, it should still be fed purposefully. It is quite true that the animals search the ground for various edible remains and eat them all day long. But if these are regularly too small, the catfish do not have enough food. Besides the variety is also missing here. It is better to put a food tablet into the aquarium every day next to the granulated food, which sinks down relatively quickly, and always one food tablet.

The administration of live food is relatively difficult. Because many other tank inhabitants like it too, so that there is usually not much left for the catfish.

The ideal aquarium for the Metal Corydoras

As already mentioned, the bronze corydoras feels very well in densely planted tanks. But it is also important that the other tank inhabitants are peaceful and do not chase it. They should also leave enough food for the catfish. Therefore it is best not to keep particularly voracious fish with it. The bottom of the tank should consist of rounded gravel. Because it could injure itself at sharp little stones, which should be avoided of course.

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