Crystal Red Shrimp


The Super Crystal Red or crystal red dwarf shrimp (Caridina cf. cantonensis “Crystal Red” shrimp) is a cultivated form of the bee shrimp. The reason for the great popularity of the dwarf shrimp is the different colour designs and drawings.

The cultured specimens are classified according to their white content. In this country, a classification with the designations K0 to K14 is common. A Super Crystal Red Shrimp of class 0 shows a distinct proportion of red and only some white in the form of irregularly arranged stripes. The higher the classification, the more pronounced the proportion of white. In class 10 it is already somewhat more pronounced and in class 14 the red component is concentrated only on a small spot on the neck.


The Super Crystal Red Shrimp is one of the somewhat sensitive species and should not be used by beginners. Especially the water quality is crucial for their development. The right water must be clean, cool and very soft.

  • Temperature: 15 to 25° C
  • Ph- value: 4 to 7.5
  • Carbonate: from 0 to 2 gKh
  • Total hardness H: 4 to 10 dGh
]Basically, dwarf shrimp require a large tank. After all, they are sociable and active water dwellers who feel comfortable in large groups of at least 10 members and like to walk through the pool. They also give birth to fully developed juveniles, which significantly increase the population density. Besides, a larger tank is easier to clean and stabilize.

The species-appropriate installation in the aquarium is natural and varied. Important are a good plant density and rigid utensils. There the peace-loving invertebrates can hide, rest and observe. Javamoos, hornwort of the water plague, are among the ideal plants. These varieties are fast-growing and offer an attractive contrast to the red colour of the shrimps. Furthermore, they are covered with tasty mulm, suspended particles and algae, which the animals like to graze.

The suitable substrate consists of sand with a fine grain size. Such a ground is easy to walk on and does not hide any food remains. The darker it is coloured, the stronger the effect of the Crystal Red.


Crystal red dwarf shrimps belong to the specialized reproduction type and are independent immediately after hatching. Normally, breeding success is achieved without much effort on the part of the aquarium keeper, and one female produces up to 40 baby shrimp every 4 to 6 weeks. The eggs stick to the swimming legs and distribute sex hormones through movement. These attract a male, which fertilizes the eggs. Once fertilisation has taken place, it takes care of the eggs and regularly sorts out the unusable eggs. In this way, only the eggs that produce fully developed baby shrimp of approximately 0.8 mm in size are actually cared for.

Breeding of colourful specimens is somewhat more difficult than with simple colour combinations. Experience shows that water values play a major role here. Especially too high temperatures and too much hardness impair reproduction. The ideal conditions for successful breeding are provided by a species tank in which crosses with other shrimp are avoided.

The further development of the juveniles should be protected from possible damage. A major danger jellyfish is the aquarium filter. It can pull the animals into its suction and injure or kill them.


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Crystal red shrimps are omnivores. In a community tank, they do not require any special food, as sufficient food remains fall off. In a species tank they eat pretty much all animal and plant food:

  • Frozen and dry food in the form of powder, flakes and granules (Cyclops, Artemias and Tubifex, mosquito larvae and water fleas)
  • Food tablets Spirulina or catfish sticks.
  • Peeled and scalded pieces of cucumber and zucchini
  • Pieces of nettle, dandelion, spinach and peeled Hokkaido pumpkin
  • Completely brown as well as dry, exhaust and pesticide-free autumn leaves. Be careful with still green and colourful foliage, it contains too many harmful sugars.
]The young animals need for their growth growing food, dustfood biofilm and mulm.

The popular red of the Super Crystal Red Shrimp can be stabilized and intensified by a balanced feeding. Carotene containing coloured food can be given.


In general, dwarf shrimps belong to the balanced and peaceful animals. They should not live together with fish that are too large or swim hectically, such as angelfish or discus fish. Aggressive predatory snails should also be avoided. Especially after hatching a socialization with these animals is to be dissuaded.

Super Crystal Reds live well together with other invertebrates, small fish, snails and crabs. As they do not reproduce as strongly as other shrimp species, a species tank is advisable.


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