Glowlight tetra

Incandescent tetra © mikhailg

The glowlight tetra or also Hemigrammus erythrozonus belongs to the family of the real characins. It is a freshwater fish that originates from Guyana.

What distinguishes glowlight tetra?

The glowlight tetra  is very calm and balanced in character. It feels most comfortable in small groups of six to ten other characins. All in all, the glow-light tetra is very suitable for beginners, because it is very uncomplicated in its attitude.

The appearance of the glowlight tetra

An incandescent tetra has a rather small body size of 3.5cm to 4cm. Its scales have a silver colouring, which is broken by a bright red centre line. As this line is remotely reminiscent of a bend light, it has given the fish its name.

Enclosure conditions of filament light tetras

Incandescent tetra are very sociable and only feel really comfortable in small groups with conspecifics. They prefer to swim near dark soils and hide between plants. At the same time, however, the fish also like plenty of room to swim. However, they should not be exposed to too bright light, because the tetra cannot tolerate too bright surroundings.

  • Small group of characins
  • Shady, dark floors
  • Vegetation to hide but also free spaces for swimming.
  • Avoid bright light

Gender differences

Compared to their females, the males of the glow-light tetra are rather slender. Apart from the different physique, however, there are no other distinguishing points. Therefore it can be difficult to classify a glowlight tetra with a first glance to one sex or the other.

Water values for glow-light tetra

  • Water temperature between 23°C and 28°C
  • Water region: medium
  • pH value from 5.0 to 7.0 recommended

Food and nutrition for tetra

Flowlight tetra prefer livefood. They like mosquito larvae and small crabs. But water fleas are also a great delicacy for the fish. If the hunger is very great and there is no live food, the glow-light tetras also feed on fine flake food. The fish do not need special times of day or feeding times for this. They can easily be fed together with the other inhabitants of the aquarium.

The ideal aquarium for tetra

Flowlight tetra characins can be kept without problems in species tanks with an edge length of 60cm. This corresponds to a capacity of 50l. In the species tank the tetra are among themselves and can explore their environment to their heart’s content. In a community tank the fish can also be settled. Here the aquarium should have at least 1m edge length and be able to hold approx. 90l to 100l water. It is important to make sure that the glow light tetra are brought together with other calm ornamental fish such as ornamental salmon or armoured catfish.

Significantly larger fish could quickly classify the small glow-light tetras from prey and try to eat them. Aquarium owners should pay attention to this and if danger threatens, it is best to resettle the fish directly.

Special features of glowlight tetras

Incandescent tetras are free spawners. After the female has released the up to 20 eggs, it only takes about one day until the young animals hatch. After about six to eight days the young glow-light tetras swim around freely. Because they can very quickly become the prey of predatory fish during this time, they should be transferred to an additional species tank for the time of their maturation.

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