Golden tiger shrimp


Golden tiger prawns are very special prawns. They do indeed have a golden colouring and therefore attract a lot of attention. This sea creature has earned its name because it shimmers very beautifully in its colour. Golden Tiger Shrimp are of course not all the same in colouring, some have a more intense colour, others are a little less intense. The golden colour of these shrimp is, however, the basic colour of the body. This makes things a bit more interesting, though. Because besides this coloring, these shrimp also show the well-known tiger drawings.

Also these are differently pronounced like the body ground color, what concerns the individual animals. Some animals have darker stripes, with others they appear lighter. Beautiful is natural if body ground color and stripes are conspicuous. Then one looks at golden tiger prawns of course even more preferable. It is very interesting to note that some of these shrimp species are not really golden at all, but rather a little orange. A colouring that is very nice to look at.


Anyone who has had shrimp before will find it quite easy to keep. There are certain points that must be observed to ensure that the aquatic animals feel completely comfortable. Only when they feel comfortable will the animals reproduce. For example, it is important to keep an eye on the water temperature. These shrimp like temperatures of 19-25 degrees. There are measuring devices that can be set so that an alarm sounds if the temperature does not move within these measuring ranges. This is more practical than having to look at the temperature more often.

Not only the temperature is important, but also the water hardness. This should be up to 15 °dgH. The water must also have a certain pH value so that golden tiger prawns really feel at home. Here, the values of 5.5 – 7.5 should be observed.


Golden tiger prawns are considered omnivores. Of course they love all kinds of shrimp food. However, they can also be given frozen food, as well as natural food. Natural food includes alder cones, leaves, nettle, spinach and more. The shrimp will also enjoy eating algae growth, as well as biofilm and microorganisms.

For young shrimp, we recommend powdered food or stick food. Pastes or fine-grained food can also be offered to the animals.


Breeding is not very difficult as long as you keep to the water temperature, which is important for these animals. In addition, the tank should of course be densely planted. Golden tiger shrimp love to hide among woods, leaves, stones and plants. They also like to graze the algae on moss species.

If you want to breed the golden tiger prawns, you should buy a group of at least 10 animals. Of course the same amount of females as males. A large aquarium should be purchased, which offers the animals enough space. They grow up to 3.5 cm in size, which is still a rather harmless size for shrimp. But considering the offspring, a larger tank is recommended for breeding.


The socialization should be approached very carefully. Golden tiger shrimp should never be exposed to any predators. Because it is quite possible that they will harm the shrimp and can also become dangerous. Not only to the young animals, but also to the mature shrimp.

If other shrimp are to be kept, it must be remembered that this can of course lead to crossbreeding. This can be quite interesting if new breeds with interesting colours are to be started. However, if you do not want this, it is better to keep only one group of golden tiger shrimp.

One can clearly say that the golden tiger prawns belong to the peaceful aquatic animals. Therefore, also only peaceful other roommates should move into the pool. It is also important that there are no fish that swim hectically back and forth in the tank. This stresses the shrimp and can have a negative effect on the breeding.