Gunther’s black seedling

This brightly coloured killifish lives in small savannah pools and streams on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar on the east coast of Africa. The ornamental fish species is very popular in aquariums. In the wild, killifish do not grow very old, usually only a few months. In aquariums they can live for several years if kept under optimal conditions.

What distinguishes Günther’s killifishes?

The fish are best kept in a species tank. They generally behave peacefully towards other fish, but only as long as they do not cause any restlessness or hectic in the tank. Very active swimmers do not like them at all. Günther’s Prachtkärpflinge love it rather quiet. They also socialize well with larger shrimp (from 4 cm) as well as snails and mussels.

In small groups of at least eight to twelve specimens with a surplus of females, where one male should be followed by two females, Günther’s Gorgeous Shrimps feel particularly comfortable. The constantly impressive males are territorial and often behave aggressively among themselves. Also the females have nothing to laugh about. They are often strongly driven by their male conspecifics. There is a strict hierarchy within the groups.


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The appearance of Günther’s Prachtkärpflinge

The species is particularly colourful. The fish have numerous crimson dots and spots on their blue-metallic shimmering body, which become narrower towards the back and end in the likewise red caudal fin with a black edge. The iris of the eyes is bright blue. The red and turquoise striped dorsal fin with a white border, bright pectoral fins and a red patterned ventral fin round off the appearance of this beautiful ornamental fish.

Sex differences

The colourful males grow to about five cm, while the rather plain grey-brown females remain somewhat smaller (about 4 cm). The males also have a slightly larger dorsal fin.

Water values for Günthers Prachtkärpflinge

The fish like medium-hard to hard water. They thrive best in the following water values:

  • pH value: 6.5-7.2W
  • Total hardness: 5-15 °dGH
  • Temperature: 22-26 °C

Feed and nutrition for Günther’s Prachtkärpflinge

The fish are carnivorous in the wild. Therefore, live and frozen food is suitable as food, such as mosquito larvae. Dry food is mostly spurned.

The ideal aquarium for Günthers Prachtkärpflinge

The tanks should have a minimum size of 60 cm (54 L). This tank size is sufficient for a group of three (one male, two females) of Günther’s Prachtkärpflingen. Simple aquatic plants such as Java fern or Anubias or nix herb are well suited for planting. Numerous hiding and retreat possibilities contribute considerably to the fish’s well-being. The substrate can consist of dark sand.

Housing conditions

Günther’s Prachtkärpfling hate any kind of current, so their tanks should be as far as possible without large water movements. Killifishes are good feed converters, have a high feed requirement and very active metabolism. Therefore weekly large water changes are indispensable. In the following the most important keeping conditions in short form:

  • Species tank
  • Small groups (8-12 animals) with female overhang
  • Pool with sufficient hiding and retreat possibilities
  • Live and frozen food

Special features of Günther’s Prachtkärpflingen

Killifishes are very good jumpers and can even get through small gaps in the aquarium cover. If you do not want to find the fish on the floor, the aquarium should be well covered.

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