Emperor Clown Loach

The home of the emperor loach is in Indonesia, the fish are mainly found in flowing waters on the Sunda islands of Borneo and Sumatra. The loach can grow up to 12 centimetres and is very old.

What are the characteristics of the Emperor Clown Loach?

Loach have a certain ranking, which can sometimes lead to fights.
The crackling sounds by means of throat bones are used for communication with the conspecifics.
In addition, Emperor Pearl Loachers have the ability to perceive sounds and tones with the Weber’s apparatus in the head skeleton.

The appearance of Kaiser splendid loaches

The elongated body with the pointed muzzle flattens strongly at the sides. The ground colour is light brown to yellow-brown, along the body flanks there are dark brown, broad cross bands, which show light lines towards the middle. These begin behind the head and run up to the caudal fin. There are two dark brown bands on the head, one of them is horizontal from the eyes to the tip of the muzzle, the second band runs in two narrow parts under the eyes. In adult fish the dark transverse bands blur with time and meet in the middle to form a horizontal band. The fins are dark; head and cheeks have no scales. The mouth is bordered by barbels, of which two pairs are at the tip of the snout.

As they grow, the pattern changes and often a black nose appears.

The sharp suborbital spine is located in a skin pocket near the eyes, which can be folded out and locked in place if necessary.

Sex differences

The sexes differ in size and corpulence. The tail of the males is larger and has an inward curved line on the caudal fin. In females the tips of the caudal fin are straight, in males they are curved inwards. The shape of the caudal fin is not always clear, so it is easier to tell the difference by the strong body of the female.

Water values for the Kaiser splendid loach

  • 6,5 to 7,5 pH
  • 5 to 19 dGH
  • 25 to 30 degrees Temperature

Feed and nutrition

At the beginning the food intake must be observed. Although as omnivores they accept any food, it can happen that they refuse it for some days.
They especially like snails and

The ideal aquarium for Kaiser splendid loaches

An aquarium must be at least 2 metres long and have a minimum water content of 300 litres. At 540 litres about 4 fish can be kept, depending on the size of the fish.

In general, when keeping this ornamental fish a very large aquarium should be available.
Loaches are very sociable and need conspecifics. In an aquarium there should be at least 4 to 5 fish together, ideally 8 to 12 fish. The minimum requirement for keeping ornamental fish is at least 10 specimens.

The Kaiser splendid loach has a preference for caves. These must be open on both sides, have the same diameter as the fish and be about one and a half times longer than the loach. The caves, which lie flat on the ground, also serve to divide the tank so that the fish can orientate themselves better and define their territories more easily. It is important that there is enough ground clearance for digging and that the planting is not too dense. Loach like to hunt or chase other fish.

Emperor splendid loaches do not like big changes, therefore the aquarium should not be redesigned too often.

Special features of Kaiser Prachtschmerlen

The emperors splendid loaches like to play; if they are bored, for example, they layer the gravel with their mouths in the caves. Small rubber rings floating around are also welcome.

Housing conditions

  • No keeping without conspecifics
  • Water flow
  • Strong food
  • Equipment with caves
  • Sufficient ground clearance
  • No regular reorganisation

Worth knowing

In case of the occurrence of the dot disease Ichthyo, some alder cones, oak or beech leaves in the aquarium can be used to support the killing of germs.

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