King Tiger Pleco L66

The German name for the King Tiger Pleco L66 is King Tiger Loricariid. It originates from the South American Amazon region around the river Rio Xingu. Its preferred habitat are streams and river sections with strong currents and very clear water. The beautiful pattern and its special appearance make it a very attractive fish for the aquarium.


What makes the King Tiger Pleco L66 stand out?

The King Tiger Pleco (Hypancistrus sp.) brings colour or better a wild pattern into the aquarium. The loricariid catfish are simply beautiful to look at and very interesting in their behaviour. They have a sucking mouth, with which they suck on the panes of the tank or on furniture and bring a very special charm into the tank.

The appearance

Like all loricariid catfish the King Tiger has a very distinctive and at the same time very elegant body. In the front more angular with large round, expressive eyes and the typical broad sucking mouth they taper to the back and end in elegantly curved fins. Shape, appearance and the way they move are an eye-catcher.


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Typical for the King Tiger Loricariid Catfish is the beautiful dark pattern on a light background. The net-like structures remind of a predator fur. The difference to the King Tiger Pleco L333 is the clear V-finnish fork in the L66 and the slightly darker ground colour. The King Tiger Pleco reaches a full-grown size of approx. 15 cm in large aquariums even up to 20 cm.

  • light-dark predator-like pattern
  • expressive head with big eyes
  • Suction mouth with fine barbels
  • 15 to 20 cm long

Housing conditions

This peace-loving species is easy to keep and also suitable for community aquariums. It is best to keep a small group of three to six animals. In larger tanks even two males usually get along very well. The King Tiger Pleco can be kept with various shrimps, pinto or small characins. With good care this fish can easily reach an age of 20 years.

  • also suitable for beginners
  • best in small groups
  • very peaceful
  • also in company with shrimps, snails and characins
  • up to 20 years old

Sex differences in the King Tiger Pleco 66

The fins and the body of the male are covered with considerably more spiky skin teeth, the so-called odontodes.

Water values for the King Tiger Pleco 66

The King Tiger Loricariid Catfish is not very demanding in terms of water quality. Normal tap water is sufficient, but the temperature must be right.

  • Water type: Fresh water
  • Temperature: 26° to 30°C
  • PH value: 5 to 7.5
  • Total hardness: 3° to 15°dGH

Food and nutrition for the King Tiger Pleco 66

This catfish species always eats near the ground. Food must be so heavy that it sinks. In the trade, suitable feed is offered especially for catfish. In addition, the fish like to take frozen food, heavy live food and vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber and potatoes.

The ideal aquarium for the King Tiger Pleco 66

The size starts at about 100 cm and 200 litres capacity. If you want to keep a small group, you have to provide a little more space. It is important for Hypancistrus sp. to have enough hiding places and resting places. The aquarium should not be too bright and should not be illuminated intensively artificially. Robust or well regrowing varieties are suitable for plants, as the King Tiger Pleco likes to gnaw on green.

Well suited are water goblets (cryptocorynes) and the spear leaf (anubias). A layer of gravel and larger smooth stones serve as flooring.

  • at least 100 cm edge length better more
  • many hiding places
  • cast a slight darkening
  • plant with robust greenery

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