Neocaridina davidi


The Neocaridina davidi is also known as Neocaridina heteropoda. It is, however, better known as an algal shrimp or tournament shrimp. The shrimp got its name from its appearance. Especially the females have a dark pattern on their back. Many of the aquatic inhabitants have different colours or patterns to offer. Some backwater shrimp are also transparent, while others have green, red or brown colouring. The colours and patterns are particularly striking on the back. Because of their striking red colour, these shrimp are often called Red Fire, especially among enthusiasts.

The dorsal shrimp are adaptable sea dwellers. It is a small shrimp shape, no male shrimp will grow larger than 2.5 cm. In rare cases, the females can reach a size of 3 cm.


The Neocaridina davidi are very adaptable animals and do not attack anyone. They can feel comfortable in small aquariums from 10 litres upwards. However, an aquarium with 20 litres or more would be better. This allows the shrimp to move freely and sometimes even hide behind a plant.

Very interesting is that the dorsal shrimp are among the few shrimp that do not need a special temperature. The heating can be dispensed with. Likewise, there is no need to constantly check the water temperature. The algae shrimp is a very beautiful animal, which always makes sure that you enjoy looking at the aquarium. This form is a very robust shrimp species and can be kept perfectly by laymen. As long as there are enough plants in the tank, these aquarium inhabitants cannot starve to death.


Shrimps of this species are very undemanding. The name algae shrimp is not without reason. They can feed on algae, as well as on plant remains. Residual food is readily accepted. Even carcasses from other animals like to eat the dorsal shrimp. Nothing can harm the water, the omnivores will take care of that.


This shrimp shape is quite easy to grow. This is because the dorsal-line shrimp multiply quite quickly, provided that enough males and females are kept. Owners can easily keep the sexes apart, because the females often have a patch in the shape of an egg. In addition, females are usually slightly thicker than the male shrimp. For the beginning of a breeding 10 animals are sufficient. The females can often carry. If they are carried only once, up to 50 young shrimp can develop. They are immediately independent. They can feed themselves and do not have to be taken out of the tank. The adult animals will never attack the young.


Many algae are peaceful, as are the dorsal shrimp. They reproduce very quickly in fresh water. But they also feel comfortable with other aquatic life. As long as they are also peaceful and do not attack the shrimp. This shrimp form can be kept in a nano aquarium, but also feels very comfortable in a community aquarium. Crabs could share the tank with you, but also snails, freshwater mussels and freshwater crabs. However, it is important to ensure that the animals do not crossbreed.

The fact is, the Neocaridina davidi feel more comfortable in a group. Therefore, at least 10 animals should be kept in any case. 20 animals form a larger group, which of course also has a positive effect on breeding.