Orange tiger shrimp


The orange tiger shrimp has its name because usually the body colour is exactly this colour. Since this shrimp, which is also called golden tiger shrimp, is rather rare, you pay more for it. But the purchase is worthwhile, because you have to show shrimp which really not every aquarist has and which are always beautiful to look at.

Orange tiger prawns look good, attract a lot of attention and are easy to keep. They are quite lively and reproduce quite quickly.

This shrimp shape does not always have the orange body ground to offer. Sometimes it is also rather golden or even a bit yellowish. But still all these colours are very interesting to look at. Some shrimp have a very intense colouring, while other shrimp have a rather weak colouring. This can also be very different with the young shrimp. The colour of the juveniles also develops properly over time. Apart from the basic body colour, the shrimp, after all they are tiger shrimp, also have corresponding drawings. Also here, the coloring is not always the same. Some have striking dark stripes, others are extremely brighter.

As with many shrimp shapes, it is also the case with the orange tiger shrimp that the females are larger than the males. The males grow up to 3 cm, while the females often even manage up to 3.5 cm.


This is a rather harmless shrimp species that is very peaceful. It is also not very demanding. Both points make keeping it basically so easy that even beginners can start breeding with the golden tiger shrimp.

In order for these shrimp to feel comfortable, it is first of all important to create a good and large tank. It should definitely not be 10 litres, such a tank is much too small. As the shrimp reproduce quickly, even if you buy 10 shrimp, you should be aware that an aquarium could soon be too small. Overstocking would mean that the water values would no longer be correct, but this is enormously important for the shrimp. In addition, overstocking would constrict the animals very much and they would no longer feel comfortable.

Orange tiger shrimp need a water temperature of 20 – 25 degrees in the tank. This is the best way for them to develop and unfold. The total hardness of the water should be 5 – 16 °dgH. The pH value should be at 6 – 7.5. If you always keep this in mind, you will make sure that the shrimp feel good all around.


Many shrimp are omnivores, including the orange tiger shrimp. They can be fed nettle, brown leaves, spinach, dry food, special shrimp food, food tablets and much more. The animals also eat the plants, which should be available in the tank in sufficient quantities. They devote themselves to biofilm, microorganisms and algae infestation. So you do not have to worry too much about the food. Whereby it would be quite good to offer the animals protein food twice a week.


It is always popular to say that sea creatures reproduce all by themselves, as long as they feel comfortable. This is also the case with orange tiger prawns. If the animals are kept very well, there is not much in the way of offspring and thus breeding.

The young animals are fully developed when they are born. This means that owners do not have any major problems with rearing them. The young animals can feed themselves and are also not endangered, if you do not put additional predators in the tank.


The socialization is no problem as long as you only get peaceful animals into the tank. Crayfish, other shrimps, mussels, snails or smaller ornamental fish are very well suited to fill an aquarium a little next to the Orange Tiger Shrimp. It is always best to first ask in a specialist shop which animals are absolutely peaceful and are allowed in a tank with shrimp.