Pangio / Kuhli loach

The spiny eye is a very special fish. Because it looks like a snake, but can be kept quite normally in an aquarium. The spiny loach belongs to the loaches and originally comes from South East Asia.

What are the characteristics of the Pangio ?

Pangio are very peaceful fish that do not have particularly high expectations of the tank. They feel very comfortable in warm and soft waters, but can also cope well with slightly higher values. Nevertheless, the water should, if possible, have the same conditions as in the animals’ natural environment so that they feel as comfortable as possible.
© Mirko Rosenau

The appearance of the Pangio

As already mentioned, the tPangio resembles a snake prancing through the water.
It can grow to twelve centimetres in length, although most animals only reach a length of eight to ten centimetres.
The body of the fish has a yellow colour, which is crossed by brown-red and sometimes black horizontal stripes.

Housing conditions of the Pangio

Since the animals like to rummage through the ground, it should consist of fine and rounded gravel or sand. Here they proceed similarly as armoured catfish and look for edible food remains. However, the plants are not dug up. Thus the spiny eyes maximally deepen their recesses under decorative objects such as stones or roots. In the wild, they mainly rummage through sandy soils in search of micro-organisms as food. For this reason, a corner in the aquarium should also be designed with this substrate. It is also important that the tank is densely planted. Because the animals also like to hide under the leaves of large plants.

Gender differences

Whether a spiny eye is a male or a female animal can usually only be determined after about two years. Only then are the fish fully grown. The females can usually be recognised by a strongly pronounced spawning stage. This means that they have a much larger belly circumference than the males. In addition, their ventral fins are smaller and round. In the males they are clearly larger and have the shape of a sickle. Otherwise the two sexes look quite similar and especially laymen can hardly see any difference without a magnifying glass.

Water values for the spiny eye

As already mentioned, the mandrel eye can cope with different conditions. However, the following water values are ideal:

  • Temperature between 23 and 27 °C
  • pH value at 5,5 to 7,5 and
  • Total hardness: 6

Feed and nutrition for the Pangio

Pangio are quite greedy and devour all kinds of food in a very short time. Therefore you should always pay attention that the other tank inhabitants do not come too short. In addition to normal dry food and granules, live or frozen food can be on the menu twice a week. The thorn eye likes very much:

The ideal aquarium for the Dornauge

Since the spiny eye is very often at the bottom of an aquarium, it should be designed to fit. For this purpose a corner is laid out with sand, because the animals like to dig and hide in it. In addition, some caves should also be created from roots and stones. The animals dive into these again and again and search for food. In addition, the pool must be densely overgrown so that the thorn eyes are well protected. They are very peaceful and should therefore only be socialized with other calm and peaceful fish.

Special features of the Pangio

Some Pangio really do have a thorn between their eyes, but it is very difficult to see it.

Life expectancy of Pangio

Dornaugen can become very old according to some experience reports and thus reach an age of more than 10 years.

Pangio young and old © Anne Brüninghaus

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