Pearl gourami

Pearl gourami belong to the order of the perch-like climbing fish. Their home is in South East Asia. There they live in slow-flowing and stagnant waters, even in paddy fields it can be found. The fish grow up to 12 cm long and can live for 12 years.

What are the characteristics of Pearl gourami?

The peace-loving fish are easy to keep, even if a little shy. They need a lot of rest and a well planted tank. There they set up their territories, but do not defend them very aggressively. Pearl gourami love to stand under thick floating plants and search for food. Only in calm water do Pearl gourami show their natural social behaviour.

With their thread-like pelvic fins they taste food particles and touch their environment. It is interesting that they can touch and recognize each other with them.

The appearance of Pearl gourami

They have silvery shiny scales, which are bordered brownish to blue-green.

This creates the pearly pattern that gives the fish their German name. A narrow black longitudinal stripe is characteristic.

It starts at the mouth, runs through the eye to the tail fin. Pearl gourami are bred in many different colours.

Keeping conditions

  • The animals need a calm water surface
  • You should keep the fish in small groups.
  • Keeping them in a community tank is possible.
  • Companionship with calm peace fish, which mainly stay in the lower part of the aquarium. Not suitable are cichlids or angelfish. They eat the thread-like ventral fins of the Pearl gourami.

Gender differences

Adult males can be recognised by a pointed, voluptuous dorsal fin. In the male, a bright orange-red colour runs from the throat over the chest and belly, including the filiform ventral fins, to the front part of the anal fin. The dorsal fin of the female has a round tip. Their throat, breast and belly are silver-grey. They are smaller than the males.

Water values for Pearl gourami

Pearl gourami feel comfortable in warm, soft, slightly acidic water.

  • Temperature: approx. 25 degrees
  • pH value: 6.0 to 8.0
  • GH: 0 to 6° GH
  • KH: 0 to 4° KH

Food and nutrition for Pearl gourami

The animals are omnivores. They have a relatively small mouth for their body size. Therefore do not make the food pieces too large.

The ideal aquarium for Pearl gourami

The pool must be able to hold at least 160 to 200 litres of water for a small group and be 130 cm long.
Put roots and other hiding places in the pool and plant it abundantly. The animals must be able to avoid each other. Pearl gourami need slender, tall plants, such as the Thai or Indian water friend or the Brazilian water navel. Plant as dense groups of these plants as possible. In their shelter the fish swim to the surface to get some air.

An absolute must for Pearl gourami are floating plant cushions (Riccia).

They also love tiger lotus. The fish like to stay under the wide swimming leaves.

Characteristics of Pearl gourami

Pearl gourami catch cold quickly. They belong to the labyrinth fish and breathe atmospheric air. Prevent your fish from catching a cold by placing a glass pane 2 to 3 cm above the aquarium. This ensures that the air above the tank has the same temperature as the water. Under no circumstances should the glass pane seal the aquarium airtight.

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