Red-tailed Shrimp


Red-tailed shrimp are not as visually strikingly beautiful as many other shrimp species. But it does have the advantages that it is inexpensive to buy and is almost perfect for laymen. This form of shrimp is very robust. It is also easy to reproduce and easy to keep. Because of these facts, beginners will enjoy the redtail shrimp. You will have quick success in breeding.

The appearance of the redtail shrimp is easy to describe. They shine a little transparent and bright. But the tail area is red, which is why this animal got its name. The reddish coloration is not very distinctive, but it is still striking. Apart from that it should be said that this shrimp shape can also shimmer slightly bluish. Other shrimp have small dots which are very noticeable thanks to the transparency. Some shrimp also have certain drawings.

This shrimp species can grow up to 3.5 cm. It is said that the males only grow up to 3 cm. The females always seem a bit bigger and often reach even the mentioned 3.5 cm.


The attitude is quite simple. Laymen should best choose the redtail shrimp. This way they first learn how to deal with the special water inhabitants. The good thing is that this shrimp species has no special requirements. It should, however, be kept with a few conspecifics. As far as the tank is concerned, it can be a species tank. However, a community aquarium may also be used. However, all aquarium inhabitants should of course understand each other.

When keeping the aquarium you should pay attention to good planting. The shrimp love to hide from time to time. Fine-feathered plants are particularly suitable for this. The aquarium itself should not be less than 20 cm long. This gives the animals enough space. A larger aquarium makes sense if you want to breed the animals or if you want to use other aquatic inhabitants.


Like many other shrimp species, the redtail shrimp likes algae. But it also eats ornamental fish food. If you want, you can buy special shrimp food to do something good for the animals. Frozen food would be another possibility.


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The breeding of this species is quite easy. Males and females should be placed in the tank. For beginners 10 shrimps are sufficient at the beginning. The trunk should, of course, contain enough specimens of both sexes so that there are not many obstacles to reproduction. If the husbandry conditions are right, these shrimp will reproduce very well. It’s interesting to know that the females don’t produce larvae, but give birth to young shrimp. These are fully viable and can feed on their own. It is important to note that these aquatic animals can reproduce quite quickly. The females can carry several times a year and thus give birth to quite a lot of young animals. An aquarium can therefore be overcrowded quite quickly. If necessary, a second tank must be available to move the animals.


The red-tailed shrimp are very peaceful water dwellers. Their tank mates should therefore appear equally peaceful and not aggressive. Ornamental fish are a good idea, as are other shrimp that are also peaceful. Crayfish and mussels would also be a good idea and bring more variety into the aquarium.