Red tiger shrimp


Rote Tigergarnele
DirkBlankenhaus, Caridina-cf-cantonensis-crystal-red, CC BY-SA 3.0

The tiger prawns are a very special kind of shrimp. They are available in several colours, but here we report on the red tiger shrimp. It has no black stripes like the black or blue shrimp. Their stripes on the body are red. So it is understandable how this shrimp species got its name. But the body is also interesting. It is bright, sometimes also transparent. This is how the red stripes come out especially well. The red tiger shrimp cannot be confused with other shrimp species.

It is interesting to know that the breeding of the blue and black tiger shrimp is very important. To be more precise, these animals are the result of breeding. Red tiger shrimp on the other hand are not. They come, as they are, from the wild. The original home of these shrimp is China. To be more precise, it is South China. Today there are indeed farms that are similar to the shrimp, but which can be distinguished because the body is not so bright. Also, the cultivated varieties hardly have such a pattern as the real red tiger shrimp.


When keeping the shrimp, if it is to be used for breeding, care must be taken to purchase natural red tiger shrimp. These are rather rare, which is why the breed has also specialised in similar shrimp. This is of course also noticeable in the prices. Real red tiger shrimp cost more than other shrimp of the same species.

The keeping is basically not difficult. It is important to offer a sufficiently large aquarium. The 20s length is rarely recommended, the tank should be a little larger. The tank should be sufficiently planted, the animals need hiding places.


The food of the red tiger prawns does not need to be selected well. These water dwellers are omnivores. They are not choosy, which makes things very easy. These animals can get shrimp food, but are also quite happy with frozen food. They also love green food, such as spinach. Autumn leaves can also be given to the animals in water. They like this and eat it quite quickly. It would be advisable to give them a protein food. This should be given 1-2 times a week, so that the animals can develop well.


Red tiger eyes are basically good for breeding. They belong to the specialized reproduction type. This means that the females can basically carry every month. You just have to keep as many males as females. If the appropriate husbandry is then in place, the offspring will come by itself. It is important to make sure that the young animals are still quite small and therefore the filter systems are equipped in such a way that the young animals are not endangered. Who does not pay attention to this, risks that the filter system sucks in the young animals.


Red tiger prawns are basically quite peaceful water dwellers. But of course only other animals are allowed in the tank, which also do not attack. If you want to use other water animals, you should always find out if they are peaceful contemporaries before buying them. But not only that, stressful animals disturb this shrimp species. Therefore, when it comes to Fisher, only animals that are not so hectic should be put in the tank. If you want to breed the shrimp and only want to bring real red tiger shrimp to life, you should avoid other shrimp species in the tank.