Rosy barb

The splendid barbel, also called red barbel -Rosy barb or Pethia conchonius, is found in the north and east of Asia and lives preferably in fresh waters such as lakes and ponds. It belongs to the genus of the carp fish.

What are the characteristics of the barbel?

This freshwater fish is characterised by its easy handling and is therefore also suitable for beginners. Especially in connection with the condition of the water and the kind of food it is not very demanding, which makes a socialization with many other fish possible.

The appearance of the magnificent barbel

© Mirko Rosenau

In its natural habitat, the barb can grow up to 15 cm long, whereas animals kept in an aquarium can grow to only about 8 cm.
It has a high back and is laterally flattened.

Its large and clearly visible scales are striking, which are differently coloured depending on the sex.

Both sexes have a black spot in the direction of the caudal fin.

Housing conditions

The magnificent barb can live up to 10 years. In order to reach this age, the following things should be considered when keeping it:

  • Minimum length of the aquarium of 100 cm
  • Swarming of at least 3 animals
  • Males and females in a ratio of 1:2
  • Company of other animals, but not too calm or nervous fish
  • lots of space for swimming and exploring, to live out their naturally lively nature
  • in the summer months it is possible to keep the animals outside

Gender differences

The scales of the male barbel have a copper-red colouring, which changes to greenish yellow in the back part. During the mating season the male carries his scales in deep dark red. The fins are reddish to pink, the tips of the dorsal fins are black. The female specimens, on the other hand, usually have slightly black or colourless fins. In addition, their bodies are usually a bit fuller than those of the males.

Water values

The gorgeous likes to live in water with a pH below 7 and a dGH from 10°. They feel most comfortable at a water temperature below 25°C . Additional heating of the water is therefore usually not necessary.

Food and nutrition of the rosy barb

As far as nutrition is concerned, the Magnificent is also versatile and easy to satisfy. Both live food, such as insects, worms and crustaceans, as well as frozen food or pellets are easily accepted by them.

The ideal aquarium for the rosy barb

When equipping the aquarium, other things should be considered in addition to the corresponding water values:

  • Splendid barbs usually stay in the middle to lower area of the aquarium
  • a lot of free swimming space in alternation with strong vegetation and sandy ground benefits the curious species of the animals
  • they are good jumpers, so there should always be a lid on the aquarium

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