Red fin tetra

The red fin tetra is native to Brazil in the catchment area of the Rio Paraná. Its life expectancy can be up to 10 years with good care and optimal husbandry conditions. The fish are good and easy to keep in the aquarium and are therefore ideal as a beginner fish.

What distinguishes red fin tetras?

Hemigrammus, Aphyocharax anisitsi, CC BY-SA 3.0

The schooling fish can be kept well in tanks with a capacity of 100 litres or more. The group size should consist of 10 animals if possible. The fish are peaceful and like to swim around in small groups or alone between the plants in the aquarium. A socialization with other peaceful fish is unproblematic. The red fin tetra is also compatible with larger shrimp, but can eat the smaller shrimp offspring.

The appearance of red finned tetras

The fish have a champagne-coloured body and shimmer slightly green-metallic in backlight. Their fins are particularly striking, which are more or less strongly red in colour. The tips of the pectoral and anal fins are white, otherwise the fins are translucent. Red fin tetras reach a size of up to 5.5 cm.


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Gender differences

The sexes are difficult to distinguish at first glance. You have to take a closer look to recognize the two small pointed hooks that only the males carry on their anal fins.

Water values for red fin tetra

The robust freshwater fish are generally quite adaptable to the given water parameters. However, they feel most comfortable at the following water parameters:

  • pH 6 to 7.5
  • GH 5 to 25
  • KH 3 to 10
  • Temperature 20 to 28 °C
  • Nitrate below 50 mg/l

Feed and nutrition for red fin tetras

Red-fin tetras are not demanding when it comes to their diet. The fish are omnivorous. They can be fed with dry food, frozen food and live food.

The ideal aquarium for red fin tetra

In the aquarium the red fin tetra prefers dense border planting and free swimming space in the middle. The aquarium plants serve the fish as hiding or retreat possibilities and contribute to the well-being of the sociable animals. The substrate can consist of dark sand or gravel. Roots are recommended as further equipment in the aquarium.

Keeping conditions

The attractive red fin tetra is an enrichment for every aquarium. As it is mainly found in the upper part of the tank, it is a good addition to the aquarium inhabitants from the other water zones. The fish can also be kept in cold water tanks. But their beautiful colours only really come into their own in warm water. The lively red fin tetras do not make any special demands on the water quality (high tolerance) and their diet is also uncomplicated. In the following the most important keeping conditions in short form again:

  • Community tank
  • Shoal fish (> 10 specimens)
  • Pool size at least 100 L
  • densely planted pools
  • sufficient free swimming space
  • Feeding with live, frozen and dry food
  • Water in slightly acidic range

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