Inclined float

The home of the slant swimmer is the South American Amazon region. There it lives as a schooling fish in the Upper Amazon in Peru and in the Brazilian river Rio Araguaia. In Europe it has been known since 1930 and is widely distributed as an aquarium fish. Its black, white and yellow coloration earned it the nickname penguin tetra.

What distinguishes the slant swimmer?

The frogfish (Thayeria boehlkei) is an uncomplicated medium-sized schooling fish that is often kept as a mugwort to species living close to the bottom. Due to its attractive appearance and unusual swimming style it is an interesting inhabitant for the freshwater aquarium.

Inclined swimmers move forward at an angle of 20° to 30° to the longitudinal axis and show a beautiful swimming behaviour in the shoal which is worth observing. The oblique swimmer is a lively and curious fish.


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The appearance of the inclined float

© Juan R. Lascorz, 03.Thayeria boehlkei, CC BY-SA 3.0

The base colour is a bright silver. The build is elongated and flattened at the sides. From the gill flap to the lower end of the caudal fin there is a striking black band. Above and below the band the oblique float shimmers in shades of yellow and gold. The belly is strikingly bright and appears almost white in the contrast of colours.

At the topline it is darker coloured or shows also here a distinctive broad golden band. The dorsal and ventral fins of the oblique swimmer are unobtrusive and almost transparent. Especially the clearly forked caudal fin is emphasized and here the lower part, through which the black marking runs. It can reach a total length of about 6 cm.

  • silver-grey basic colouring
  • distinctive black band
  • golden yellow drawings
  • Total length approx. 6 cm

Housing conditions for the oblique float

This social fish is best kept in groups of 6 to 10 animals. It likes to stay close to the water surface and under a light vegetation

on. The swarms are quite active and use a generous aquarium for extensive rambles through the territory. The slant swimmer is the perfect complement for dwarf perch or armored catfish living on the bottom.

  • Easy keeping
  • lives near the water surface
  • in groups with conspecifics
  • in the community tank with species living close to the ground

Sex differences in the slant swimmer

Males and females differ mainly during the spawning season, when the female fish are clearly rounder.

Water values for the oblique swimmer

The inclined float is very forgiving of small irregularities in the water quality. Nevertheless, temperature, hardness and pH-value should be kept as constant as possible in order not to cause unnecessary stress to the fish.

  • Water type: Freshwater
  • Temperature: 23° to 27°C
  • PH value: 6.0 to 7.5
  • Total hardness: 5° to 20°dGH

Feed and nutrition for the inclined swimmer

In freedom, the pretty fish feeds on tiny crabs, larvae and worms. In an aquarium you should give him a very similar food spectrum. Preferably he eats fresh food but also accepts frozen food. In addition it can be accustomed very well to fine dry food. The oblique swimmer has a very small mouth and the food should always be appropriate to its size.

The ideal aquarium for the inclined swimmer

The fish are not very big but they like to move around. If you want to offer your oblique swimmers the best possible conditions, you should provide at least 100 litres of water. It is best to arrange the arrangement in such a way that the swarm can do laps in open water around plants or a decorative element. Sand or gravel serve as flooring.

Some light plants serve as hiding places next to roots or other furnishings. The oblique swimmer also enjoys plants floating on the surface as additional protection.

  • from 100 litres
  • needs space to swim
  • Decoration with light plants and floating plants
  • needs hiding places

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