Floating algae in the aquarium

  1. If the aquarium turns green, it is a matter of so-called floating algae. This means that you cannot see much in the aquarium anymore, which is why it becomes a problem for every owner of an aquarium, because floating algae can multiply quickly in the aquarium.

What are floating algae?

There are different types of algae. One of them is the floating algae, which belongs to the green algae family. You can recognize them by the greenish colour of the water. Floating algae swim densely and freely in the water of the aquarium. Especially in spring, when the other plants still need few nutrients, the floating algae appear.

Problems of floating algae

If the floating algae spread quickly and cover the whole aquarium, the plants below the water will no longer receive oxygen. As soon as oxygen plants can no longer receive light, they can hardly survive. The low oxygen concentration of the water is also not a suitable habitat for fish and other animals. Especially the owners are annoyed by algae, because they cannot see their fish in the aquarium anymore and therefore it does not look nice anymore. Therefore the floating algae must be fought quickly before they have spread completely.

Causes of floating algae

One reason for floating algae is the excess of nutrients in the aquarium. If you do not clean your aquarium regularly and keep it clean, you risk dirt deposits on the aquarium floor. These are then responsible for an excess of nutrients. Dead algae then sink to the bottom and release new nutrients again, which is why this process is then a perpetual cycle. Even if there are too many fish in the aquarium, it can lead to this because fish excrete phosphate, which promotes the supply of nutrients. You should therefore consider the right number of fish and food. The weather also influences the nutrient surplus. Direct sunlight favours the surplus and thus the formation of algae. You can prevent algae formation somewhat by not placing the aquarium in the middle of the sun, but by darkening the aquarium somewhat.

Sustainable control of algae in the aquarium

There are natural and chemical means to control floating algae. With bubbling water in the aquarium, chemical algae killers and the use of water fleas, algae can be controlled in many ways. However, very effective are for example

  • the use of a so-called “UVC clarifier”. This device emits high-energy light in the water, which is why microorganisms can no longer spread and die. This is especially the case with algae, which are very small and cannot be reached with conventional filters. After the algae have been irradiated, the owner of an aquarium can then look clearly through his complete aquarium again. The advantage of this special device is that algae can be permanently removed and the UVC clarifier has a long service life. The UVC lamp should only be replaced every year if necessary, when it is empty.
  • or the use of algae-eating fish. A natural method against floating algae are fish that feed on algae. These would be, for example, the La Plata algae tetra or the brush algae eater. These fish eat all kinds of algae and you as the owner have little to do with this method. However, it should be noted that these fish should always be kept in a small group and they need a certain amount of space to swim. You should also consider the required keeping information, such as the temperature of the aquarium or the PH value.

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