Snow White Bee Shrimp


Snow White Garnele
DirkBlankenhaus, Caridina-cf-cantonensis-snow-white, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Snow White Bee shrimp are by far the most popular shrimp species among many aquarium owners. The unique body colouring creates a beautiful contrast to the plants in the tank, which gives the shrimp an incomparable appearance.

If a dark substrate is added, an aquarium with this shrimp species will definitely be an absolute highlight. In general, however, not all Snow White Bee shrimp need to be completely white. This colouring is only a characteristic for the highest quality level of this species.

These shrimp can also bite off uncoloured parts of the body. A slight yellow tinge is not unusual. A golden coloration has also been observed in many specimens. These animals can grow up to 3 cm in size, although those in the female usually grow slightly larger.


If you want to keep Snow White Bee shrimp, you have to follow the basic rules for species-appropriate accommodation. The aquarium must be equipped with plenty of plants, as these are beneficial for food production and are suitable for hiding. A thick layer of mulch is important so that the Snow White Bee shrimp can be kept species-appropriate.

These shrimp can be kept in a classic aquarium. However, a special species tank represents the ideal condition. The water temperature must be regulated between 18 degrees and 28 degrees. A pH value between 6 and 7.5 must be maintained. The total hardness of the water may be up to 20 °dgH. If these values are given, the Snow White Bee shrimp behave very actively and feel very comfortable under the ideal living conditions.


High quality shrimp food is an ideal nutritional basis for the Snow White Bee shrimp. Care must be taken that this food has a very high vegetable disadvantage. Dust food can also be used for nutrition. Dried leaves and cooked vegetables are a special treat for the Snow White Bee shrimp. Only small amounts of this food may be fed. The mulm and the planting in the aquarium create additional food sources for the Snow White Bee shrimp.


If the right living conditions have been given, breeding can be done quickly and easily. If you want to breed Snow White Bee shrimps of the highest quality, you should only mate animals with each other that can show the intensive white colouring. After only a short time, a high-quality strain of this interesting shrimp species will be able to emerge.

The optimal conditions for breeding must always be available. There must be sufficient mulm in the aquarium and dense planting must protect the larvae. The filter must be secured so that the larvae and juveniles cannot be caught by the suction. If these important basic conditions are met, the breeding of attractive Snow White Bee shrimp can be successful.


Snow White Bee shrimp can be associated with other shrimp species. A socialisation with other animals is only possible if they do not pose a danger to the shrimp.

Therefore, only co-inhabitants in the aquarium may live together with shrimp that feed on a vegetable basis. Peaceful fish and mussels are the ideal complement. If some snails are integrated into the tank as additional crew, this can be very helpful for the necessary mulm promotion. In any case, the owner has to make sure that all inhabitants of the tank have the same demands on their habitat. It must be possible to ensure species-appropriate keeping at all times.