Super Crystal Red Shrimp


The Super Crystal Red Shrimp has been especially well known among German shrimp friends for many years. An adult shrimp reaches a body height of up to 3 cm. In the case of the Super Crystal Red Shrimp, the addition “Super” refers to the strongly pronounced and very intensive red colouring. This unique colouring makes the Super Crystal Red Shrimp a special experience in every aquarium. Compared to the classic Crystal Red Shrimp, the white colouring is only minimally present on the body or tail.


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The Super Crystal Red Shrimp should preferably be kept in a tank.

If you have chosen this shrimp species, you must be aware that a group of at least 10 to 20 animals should be integrated into the tank right at the beginning to ensure species-appropriate keeping. A larger aquarium will result in more stable water values. The ideal temperatures for the Super Crystal Red Shrimp are between 18° and 28°. The pH value must be between 6.5 and 7.5. If a higher degree number is chosen with regard to water temperatures, an agile behaviour of these animals can be observed.


The Super Crystal Red Shrimp feeds primarily on vegetable food. Algae and various outgrowths form the basic food. If special shrimp food is to be served, a high vegetable content must be ensured. Dried leaves can be used as a food supplement, but should only be fed in small amounts. This also applies to cooked or scalded vegetables, which are very popular with this shrimp species. A varied and balanced diet must be guaranteed for these animals at all times. Adequate planting and sufficient mulm offer very good opportunities for the Super Crystal Red Shrimp to forage in the tank.


When breeding this shrimp species, special care must be taken to ensure that the water temperatures are not too high. This shrimp species gives birth to fully developed juveniles, which is a great relief for the breeder. The tank must be equipped with enough mulm and plants to ensure sufficient retreat possibilities. The filter must be secured to prevent any danger to the newborn young animals. In the best case a species tank should be used for breeding. This creates the optimal conditions for the young animals to develop quickly and not be disturbed by other aquarium inhabitants. The needs of the animals must always come first. This is the main difference to the classic Crystal Red Shrimp.


This shrimp species can easily be socialized with other shrimp. If the shrimp are to live together with other aquarium inhabitants, they must not pose a danger at any time. For this reason, the shrimp may only live together with other animals that are fed exclusively on a vegetable basis. The shrimp themselves do not pose a danger to other animals in the aquarium. Peaceful fish and mussels are an ideal complement. Snails should also be integrated into the tank to ensure that there is always enough sludge. This ensures a good and natural food supply for the shrimp. In any case, only animals that have the same requirements for their living space may be socialized with each other. A species-appropriate attitude must always be guaranteed.