Taiwan Bee Shrimp


Taiwan Bee Garnelen
Marcus Hafermann, Caridina-cf-cantonensis-Panda, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Taiwan Bee Shrimp (Caridina cf. Cantonensis) is the result of highly cultivated forms of the bee shrimp. It is an expensive shrimp species that produces particularly splendid specimens of bee shrimp. Their dense pigmentation is striking, with the primary colours dominating in the shades of black, blue or red. However, there are underbreeding forms with a striking white component. The inside of the body of the black cultivated form shows the colour blue and that of the red form the colour orange-red.

During the breeding process new design results are constantly emerging:

  • "Panda", black with white stripes
  • "King Kong", dark blue to black with little white
  • "Black Diamond", dark coloured with very little white
  • "Red Ruby", blood red with white stripes
  • "Red Diamond", almost all red
  • "Red Bolt", bright to strong red
  • "Blue Bolt, light to deep blue
]The breeding form "Bolt" has a weak skin pigmentation. Therefore the inner coloration is especially noticeable.

Taiwan Bee shrimp reach a body height of 2.5 - 3 cm. In contrast to the males, the females have a much larger and fuller body.


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There is still relatively little knowledge about the keeping of the Taiwan Bee shrimp. It is important that they get into the hands of experienced aquarists.

Basically, an aquarium with a capacity of at least 20 litres is required for keeping shrimp in a species-appropriate manner. Furthermore, group keeping is necessary.

The installation of fine-grained plants, brown autumn leaves, mosses and burrows provide the animals with vital retreats and resting places. The plants should be cleaned of pesticides before being placed in the tank. This is done by watering them.

As the Taiwan Bees shrimp is a highly cultivated form of bee shrimp, the correct water values must be strictly observed:

  • Temperature 18-25° Celsius and optimal 18-24° Celsius
  • PH - value from 6.0-7.5
  • Total hardness of 4-20° dGh
  • Carbonate hardness from 0-3° dKh
]Like all bee shrimp species, Taiwan Bees are sensitive to copper and can develop allergies. Experienced aquarists also call a base of demineralised water, active soil or salted osmosis water. Dangers to the body are also to be avoided by using filter systems in the tank.


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Taiwan Bees are growth eaters and remnants of animal and vegetable food. They are extremely useful for an intact aquarium, as they like to eat up any debris and biofilms. Depending on the type and composition of the aquarium, they always find a good basic food. For their protein balance they need a high-quality but economical supplementary feeding:

  • Shrimp feed
  • Mineral feed
  • Frozen food and freeze-dried food such as cyclops, water fleas, Artemia, mosquito larvae
  • Peeled and scalded vegetables
  • Green fodder such as nettle, dandelion, spinach
  • Brown autumn foliage, as it no longer contains sugar
]At the beginning of their development the young animals feed mainly on growth, dust food and shares of mulm


Since breeding Taiwan Bees is more difficult than with the. A species tank with only one fauna species is recommended. Many species of the shrimp group around Caridina cantonensis and Caridina serrata tend to mix with each other. For example, the Taiwan Bees like to crossbreed with the tiger shrimp. Although the offspring show new character and colour variants, they are less colourful.

For successful breeding of the Taiwan Beers, certain conditions are required:

  • Stable aquarium
  • Large basin
  • Good water quality and soft water values
  • Occurrence of a natural food source such as mulm and brown leaves
  • Bacteria additives especially for young animals
  • Dust lining
]The reproductive cycle takes place every 4-6 weeks. The gestation period of the female is also between 4-6 weeks. The rate of offspring depends on the age of the female. 25-40 specimens can hatch from the eggs. The male shrimp looks after the brood and regularly sorts out unusable eggs.
The newborns are advanced reproductive types. They are fully developed and immediately independent of the parent animals.
Taiwan Bees is one of the most expensive shrimp species of all. If kept well, they can reach an age of 1.5-2 years.


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Taiwan Bees are well suited as part of a stable and peaceful social pool. A socialization of at least 5 animals is necessary. Compatible companions include other peace-loving aquatic animals such as crabs, snails and other shrimp species. Of course, predatory snails are not included, as they like to eat shrimp. Small fish, such as the nanofish of the species "Boraras brigittae" or "Boraras merah", fit in well.