White mosquito larvae as fish food

White mosquito larvae are also called tufted mosquitoes or crystal mosquito larvae (Chaoborus spec., Syn. Choretra) and are a special treat for any ornamental fish. They are recognised as a particularly high-quality live food, as they only occur in particularly clean waters. Therefore they are also considered an indicator for good water quality.

White mosquito larvae – especially healthy

As long as the white mosquito larvae are not preloaded by contamination, this is a particularly natural and healthy feeding method. By feeding the ornamental fish not only many proteins are given, but also unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fibres. The nutritional value is very good and high. In addition, hunting stimulates the movement of the fish. This strengthens vitality and also the immune system. The mosquito larvae can be administered to both saltwater fish and freshwater fish. But not only fish like the larvae, also reptiles and turtles gratefully accept them. Experts believe that feeding white mosquito larvae promotes digestion and also the reproductive instinct.

Breeding of white mosquito larvae

Breeding is not very difficult in the extra tank, but the larvae also hatch and now you need a closed tank with enough space above. This is very complex and not everyone has the necessary space. Therefore I can only advise against breeding. Buying the larvae is not very expensive and you can order the live food online. The white mosquito larvae feed on microorganisms. The adult mosquitoes release their eggs in stagnant waters. These collect on the muddy bottom and after a few weeks the white larvae hatch.

Those who do not want to invest the money or have a particularly high demand can also catch the mosquito larvae. You can either use a fine-meshed landing net or, if you really need them, you can go to the nearest lake (if allowed) and fish the water surface with a trawl. One person goes to one side and the other to the opposite side. There is a rope attached to the trawl net on each side, so you can now run down the lake and have a correspondingly large catch, provided there are enough white mosquito larvae.


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